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History of Nilfisk

The founder of Nilfisk, P. A. Fisker, applies to join the Copenhagen School for Electro Engineering in 1898. With his life savings and some old tools, he moves to Copenhagen in 1906 and starts his far-sighted production of small electric motors in a backyard workshop. He later goes into partnership with an old colleague, H. M. Nielsen, to form "Fisker & Nielsen".

The introduction of electricity into the home is a major factor for the success of the vacuum cleaner. Cables provide power to towns and villages alike, often supplied by Nordisk Kabel & Trad in Denmark, now known as NKT and the owners of Nilfisk-Advance today.

Nilfisk sets up in Denmark.

Founder of Nilfisk, P.A. Fisker, patents a vacuum cleaner using the name of Nilfisk. It is the first electric vacuum cleaner in Europe, which weights just 17.5kg and can be operated by a single person.

A new vacuum cleaner is launched, available for the first time on hire-purchase. This enables the middle class to afford a vacuum cleaner for the first time.

A new and radical Nilfisk vacuum cleaner is introduced. In comparison to its contemporaries, it is almost silent and becomes known as "the Silent Dane".

The first in the business that achieves the ISO 9002 certification for the vacuum cleaner factory.

The Advance Machine Company in Minneapolis, USA is acquired by Nilfisk. Nilfisk is now one of the biggest vendors of professional cleaning appliances in the world.

The company is re-named Nilfisk-Advance, and a new logo is introduced.

More than 4,500 employees around the world. A total of 7 production line in different countries.

Unique Features of Nilfisk Extreme Series

Extreme dust pick-up

Nilfisk Extreme makes it easy to remove dirt in an extremely efficient way. A clever balance between our unique nozzles, a strong motor and a well designed construction result in market-leading dust pick-up performance.

Extreme silence

With Nilfisk Extreme, the family can talk together or listen to music - even when efficient cleaning is going on.

Extreme filtration

A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) tight Nilfisk Extreme machine with HEPA H14 filter stops even the tiniest particles - animal hairs, dust mites or even smaller nuisance dust. Dirt comes in, and clean air comes out.
Excellent details

The top model features remote control, ergonomic handle and telescopic tube, exclusive accessories onboard and unique floor nozzles.